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Apply to Become a Community Leader for a SIG or Forum


Deadline: February 13th at 5pm CT

Are you interested in getting more involved with AAHPM? Consider becoming a community leader for a SIG or Forum - it is a wonderful opportunity to work with other Academy members and be a part of the innovation in the field of hospice and palliative care.

This is a 3-year commitment:

  • Year One: serve as Chair-Elect, receiving mentoring from the current and outgoing Chairs while learning the roles and responsibilities.
  • Year Two: serve as the Chair (the leader of the community), leading community meetings and being the lead moderator for any webinar/invited speaker presentations.
  • Year Three: serve as the Past Chair, the veteran, providing input and guidance to the Chair and Chair-Elect.

Other duties include attending quarterly Community Leader Town Hall calls, posting community-related messages on Connect, and planning, developing, and promoting virtual meetings/ webinars throughout the year.

This is the perfect way to stay informed about the work of the Academy and helps ensure your unique group's voice is heard!

Those interested in submitting an application for a Community Leader position must be a member of the Community they apply for.

AAHPM is committed to a diverse and inclusive representation of the leadership in the communities.


Submit an Application


Deadline to apply is February 13th, 2023, at 5pm CT.


Questions? Please contact Charli Holstein cholstein@aahpm.org